MIAMI — Alex Coal is featured in the most current VR “oil extravaganza” from Naughty America. In “Wet Sluts: A VR Knowledge,” she is joined by Jewelz Blu and Liv Wild for 80-minutes of “moist and wild fun,” solely accessible to Naughty America members.

In accordance to the promotional description, “The sexy girls get oiled up, naked, and then more oil is applied as they get every other off. After they are sufficiently oiled up, they ask you to join them, and that is an supply no 1 could refuse. Alex is the very first 1 to ride ‘the ride’ (Jay Romero), and then the other women get their flip.”

Coal described the scene as 1 of her ideal in terms of VR content material.

“Who does not want to watch 3 women acquiring you off? You will come to feel like you are really acquiring to have your way with us,” she stated.